Solyaris / Солярис [SU 1968]

Info: I embedded the full two-part television movie below. International title: Solaris THE PLOT Onboard the Prometheus, the scientist Kris Kelvin reaches a space station orbiting the planet Solaris. However, as he arrives, the space station seems deserted. After some time, he finds one of three colleagues he is set to work with, Dr. Snout.Continue reading “Solyaris / Солярис [SU 1968]”

Russkiy kovcheg / Русский ковчег [RU 2002]

International title: Russian Ark Info: I embedded the full movie with automatically translated English subtitles below. THE PLOT Russkiy kovcheg is an experimental art movie about a mysterious man without memory who finds himself in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the late 19th century. There, he is guided by a French aristocrat, nicknamed “the European”, whoContinue reading “Russkiy kovcheg / Русский ковчег [RU 2002]”