The Mind’s Eye [US 1990]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT The Mind’s Eye is an experimental short film that consists of various commercial computer-generated short segments that have been assembled to thematically tell a rudimentary story. The animated shorts were mostly produced in the late 1980s and feature landscapes, architecture, animals, and surrealistic figures. While mostContinue reading “The Mind’s Eye [US 1990]”

De sidste mænd i Aleppo [DK 2017]

International title: Last Men in Aleppo Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT De sidste mænd i Aleppo is a documentary about the civil war in Syria and its effect on the people who live in the capital city, Aleppo. The Danish-Syrian co-production, which was nominated for an Academy Award (“Best Documentary Feature”),Continue reading “De sidste mænd i Aleppo [DK 2017]”

The Black Pirate [US 1926]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT The Black Pirate is a silent adventure movie about how a Duke became part of a pirate crew. After a vicious attack by pirates, he is the sole survivor and is washed up on a deserted island. There, he witnesses the pirate leaders hiding their treasureContinue reading “The Black Pirate [US 1926]”

41 [AU 2012]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT After an exam, Aidan, a young student of philosophy, meets his doppelganger who tells him, to not go to a certain motel. Naturally, Aidan is curious and investigates the place. There, he encounters his ex-girlfriend Lauren who works part-time to support her art. They decide toContinue reading “41 [AU 2012]”

Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]

International title: Il Mare THE PLOT Siworae is a romantic drama with science fiction elements about two young adults, Sung-Hyun and Eun-Joo, who live in different times but are connected through a mysterious letter box by a lake house that transports letters and other objects from 1998 to 2000. Sung-Hyun is an architect and Eun-JooContinue reading “Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]”

Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]

International title: Big Fish and Begonia Info: This review was originally written 2017/12/06. I embedded the full movie (Japanese dub, English sub) below. THE STORY Dàyú hǎitáng is a supernatural animation movie set in a magic world, that lies beneath our oceans and is inhabited by magical spirits (oftentimes looking just like humans). After aContinue reading “Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]”

Blood Tea and Red String [US 2006]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT Blood Tea and Red String is a stop motion animation movie about bird-like animals that live in a tree and, after a group of mice have stolen their self-made doll, embark on a journey to find it. Along their journey, they encounter a labyrinth with poisonousContinue reading “Blood Tea and Red String [US 2006]”

Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]

International title: The Tragedy of Man Info: I embedded the full movie with English subtitles below. THE PLOT Az Ember Trédiája (international title: The Tragedy of Man) is an epic, animated adaption of a famous Hungarian play by the same name. It draws on Christian beliefs about the origin of the world and mankind (cp.Continue reading “Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]”

The Thief of Bagdad [US 1924]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT The Thief of Bagdad is a free adaptation of the classic story collection “Arabian Nights” and centers around the titular thief who doesn’t believe in Allah, mocks clergymen, steals food and money, and lives in the streets of Bagdad. One night, he even breaks into theContinue reading “The Thief of Bagdad [US 1924]”

Freaks [US 1932]

Info: This review was originally written on 11/29/2017. Also, I embedded the full movie on YouTube. THE STORY Freaks depicts the lives of several sideshow performers with abnormalities – hence, the derogative word “freaks”. At its core, it is a drama about a beautiful trapeze artist Cleopatra taking advantage of a midget (Hans), because ofContinue reading “Freaks [US 1932]”