Freaks [US 1932]

Info: This review was originally written on 11/29/2017. Also, I embedded the full movie on YouTube. THE STORY Freaks depicts the lives of several sideshow performers with abnormalities – hence, the derogative word “freaks”. At its core, it is a drama about a beautiful trapeze artist Cleopatra taking advantage of a midget (Hans), because ofContinue reading “Freaks [US 1932]”

So I decided to start fresh …

About 2 years again, I decided to start my own blog. All beginnings are simple, and I went for a blogspot account: Since then, I reviewed 46 movies, 1 series, and wrote 2 small articles on the movie reviewing process. Overall, these articles have accumulated a few thousand reads, and while I know that’sContinue reading “So I decided to start fresh …”